About Us

Delhi Press is one of the leading magazine publishers of India. With 36 magazines in 10 languages, including some of the biggest names in the country like Grihshobha, Woman's Era, Sarita, Saras Salil and Champak. Delhi Press reaches out to more than 35 million readers. Most of the magazines published by the group are leaders in their respective genres.

Delhi Press was established in 1939 by late Mr. Vishva Nath. The Caravan, an English literary magazine, was launched in the following year and became an immediate success, enjoying wide readership in the country. In 1945, Sarita, a Hindi monthly magazine, was launched. From the very first issues, Sarita became the favourite household Hindi magazine. Sarita has remained the flagship magazine of the Delhi Press that best captures the ideology of the group in fighting against obscurantism and authoritarianism. Over the years, the group has launched a number of magazines that have been just as successful : Mukta, Champak, Grihshobha, Woman's Era, Suman Saurabh and Saras Salil. In 2008, the group has launched three new magazines and acquired two established titles. Today, it publishes 36 magazines in 10 languages.

The company's corporate office is located in central Delhi. There are 12 regional offices in various state capitals across the country that serve as distribution centres and as editorial and advertising offices. All the magazines of Delhi Press are printed in state-of-the-art printing facilities. Delhi Press prints more than 4 million magazines every month, which is in addition to books and outside printing jobs.

Delhi Press commands the most highly integrated distribution network in India amongst magazine publishers. The group maintains contact with more than 3000 distributors and agents. There are 12 distribution offices in various state capitals. To maintain the strength of its channel, Delhi Press engages in outreach programs with partners at each level of the chain right till the morning hawkers.