What is a digital magazine?

A digital magazine is an exact digital version or a customized version of a print magazine. A digital magazine can have video content, customized interactive content and extra content in addition to the information contained in the print magazine. It can be online or offline, PC, tablet or mobile based.

In what form are these digital magazines available?

Digital magazines are normally available for reading on the PC, iPad/iPhones and Android devices. Please check the Apps page on this portal to find if the digital magazine you are buying has an app which will work on your device. You can download the app on to the device.

How do I download the apps for the magazine?

You can go to the App store on your ipad/iphone or Google Play on your Android device and search for the magazine app of your choice. Alternatively, you can open the application link on your ipad , Android device or PC directly and download the app. Check the Apps page for the download links.

How can I buy the magazine I want?

Once you download the ipad app of the magazine you are interested in, and open the app you will see all the magazine issues available for sale, with the price of each issue mentioned below the cover picture. Tap on the magazine cover to see a preview of the magazine. Tapping on “Buy” will bring up the Login box. You can either create an account with a user name and password ( recommended as this makes it easier for us to contact you in case we want to give you information about the app, magazine issues, subscriptions etc.) or tap on “ Continue as a guest” and proceed with the purchase. Once you create your account or log in with a user name and password, tap on the price box underneath the magazine cover to buy the particular issue or on the “Subscribe” button, to buy a subscription. On downloading the PC or Android app, follow a similar procedure as detailed for the ipad app. On these apps you will have to create a new account ( if you haven’t done so already) or log in to your existing account to be able to purchase a single magazine or a subscription. After the purchase is completed, you will see a ‘Read’ button on the magazine. Tap/Click on it to start downloading the magazine.

How do I read a digital magazine on an ipad, PC or Android app?

After you have purchased the magazine on the app, the magazine will show a green button underneath the cover which says “Read”. Tap on it to start downloading the magazine. You can start reading the magazine while it is downloading. On the Android and PC apps, after you have purchased the magazine, a green banner saying ‘Read’ will appear on the magazine. Tap/ click on the banner to start downloading the magazine. Use the controls on the screen of the tablet or computer to navigate to different pages in the magazine.

Do I pay anything to download the app?

You can download the app for free on to your device. Pay only when you want to buy an issue or a subscription.

Can I buy the magazines though this portal?

Yes, you can buy any of the magazines featured on this portal. Once you do that, you can download any of the apps for the magazine ( iPad, Android or PC), login with your user name and password and access the magazines you bought, on the app.

Do I get a print subscription along with a digital one?

At the moment, there are separate subscriptions for digital and print magazines.

Do I get the PDF copy of the magazine?

The digital magazine is available in an easy to read format on the ipad, Android or PC app, but not as a pdf file.

Is my credit card or debit card information safe?

The digital magazine portal is SSL certified and payment gateway supports 3D authentication. This provides a double layer of security to your account and payment details. Apple, in turn, employs industry-standard practices to safeguard customer’s Apple IDs. All web pages where a customer can view or change their Apple ID utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect customers’ privacy.

How can I turn-off auto renewable subscription?


  • From your device's Home screen, tap App Store.
  • Tap Featured at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Tap the Apple ID button in the lower-left corner. (If you are not signed in, tap the Sign In button, and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, scroll back to the bottom of the page, and tap the Apple ID button.)
  • Tap the View Apple ID button.
  • Enter your password and tap OK.
  • From the main account page, scroll down and tap Manage App Subscriptions. If you don't have app subscriptions this button will not be displayed.
  • You'll then be taken to your App Subscriptions page.

To turn off auto-renewal:

  • From your Manage App Subscription page, choose an app subscription.
  • Tap the subscription category for which you want to disable auto-renewal.
  • Tap On to toggle the switch to Off.
  • You'll receive a confirmation message; tap Turn Off to confirm your choice.


Can I delete a downloaded magazine on my ipad to save space and re-download it later?

Yes. To delete a magazine on your ipad Newsstand app, go to the Settings button on the top right hand corner of the app. Tap on ‘Trash Contents’.

How can I read magazines on multiple devices?

To read magazines on multiple devices ( ipad, Android phone or PC), create an account ( with user name and password ) on the magazine portal or on the ipad, Android or PC app. After you complete a purchase, use the same credentials to log into the ipad or Android or PC app. Once you log into the app with your account, you will be able to see the magazine status as ‘Read’. Download the magazine and read it.

I purchased a subscription as a guest, how do I restore it to my user account?

Create a user account either on the portal or on the app using the ‘Create Account’ option. Then, open the app on which you made the guest purchase, and tap on Settings icon –> Account-> Login. Login with your user name and password.Go to Settings again and click on ‘Restore purchase’. Enter your iTunes user id and password and the magazine will be added to you user account.

I forgot my login password. How can I get a new one?

Click on the login button on the portal. You will see an option called ‘forgot password?’ Click on it and on the ‘Forgot password’ screen, enter your user name and email address and click on ‘Reset password’.

How can I change my password?

On the digital magazine portal, click on ‘Login’. Enter your name into the user name box but keep the password box empty. Click on‘Forgot your password’ . This will take you to the ‘Forgot password’ page, where you need to key in your user name and email ID. You will get a mail through which you can change your password.

If I buy a subscription, which issues will I get?

Your subscription will start from the current issue. Subsequently, you will get issues weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the subscription.

Why am I charged extra, when I do an itunes purchase?

If you add credit card details to iTunes for the first time or change credit card details, Apple charges $1 to your account to verify if the account is active and currently has a positive balance. It’s a pending charge and will be put back into your account in a few days’ time.